“Keeping the summer alive”

It was obvious from an early age that music would play a major part in Pete's life. He loved listening to his parents' classical '78' records and the radio, and would mess about on the piano as well and consequently was sent for piano lessons. He found himself being distracted by all the fabulous pop music he heard on the radio. After hearing the Shadows he found himself wanting a guitar. Subsequently the piano lessons went to pot. He bought his first electric guitar and played in various groups for most of the 60's, changing over to bass guitar in the early 70's (simply because there was plenty of work for a bass player!).

In 1975 he joined Boy Bastin who were later signed to DJM Records. They released three singles one of which, 'All In The Name Of Love' reached the lower end of the charts. Later he returned to the club/cabaret circuit and spent three years with White Magic along with drummer Simon. In 1984 he joined The Bachelors and stayed with them for seven years. This was a great time in his life, working with two great guys who taught him a lot about the business. He played gigs in fabulous venues, did some TV, and met loads of famous people (including the Queen). After that he went back to the club circuit, and he did a Mediterranean cruise in 1999, having previously worked on a cruise liner in the 70's with P & O, which took him to Australia for the first time. He went back to Australia several times during his stint with the Bachelors and one of his hopes is to tour Australia again with the UK Beach Boys of which he is a founder member. He has always loved the Beach Boys, especially for the harmonies, but it's taken this long to find three other guys who share his passion.

Pete hasn’t severed his long association with the UK Beach Boys, and can often be found behind the sound desk looking after our mix!