“Keeping the summer alive”

Simon started drumming at the age of 9 when a drum kit was left behind by a resident band that was working at his parents holiday camp in the 60's. As it was there he thought "hit it" and a musical career was born, playing along to The Dave Clark 5 and The Shadows.

Some tuition, though not a great deal, was offered by The Brother Lees' drummer and Musical Director, Angus in the late 60's, and eventually he joined Cube Records' "Pearley Browne" with Steve Stiles. This outfit had moderate success, but in the early 80's he joined one of the UK's top Mecca resident bands, White Magic at the Samson and Hercules in Norwich as vocalist/drummer.

He considers himself a vocalist/drummer rather than the other way round and is a massive fan of swing music. He continued working with "White Magic" at other residencies, and has worked with artistes such as Gerard Kenny, Joe Longthorne, The Bachelors, Linda Nolan, Stutz Bear Cats and Bucks Fizz. His interest in The Beach Boys and his vocal ability and strong falsetto led him to become involved with The UK Beach Boys as one of its founder members and he loves the challenge of the complexities of The Beach Boy's harmonies.

Simon has resumed his playing with White Magic in an established residency.